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Feb, 2023

Practices & Games

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Erial Little League 2023!

We have been asked when practices and games will be. Practices typically would be 2-3 times per week Pre-Season, 1 to 2 days during the week and a Saturday practice. Sunday practices are unlikely but could happen depending on coaches availability.

Games also will typically be 2 games a week with 1 on a weekday and another  on a Saturday. Softball may play Sundays.

This is all subject to change and we will have to wait until registration finalizes and we know how many participants are in each division, coaches schedules, and if we will be participating in inter league play. Certain divisions may have to participate in inter league. We also will not know what towns we would travel to (if at all) at this time. They would be within District 14 boundaries

Thank you,
ELL Board

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